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"At Time-less-image we continue to seek exquisite beauty in our images, exploring all techniques, old and new".


Conversation, good food and drink are easy to find on a typical evening on the Zócalo of Cholula. Zócalo is a Spanish term for a town square or town center. It's where social and business transactions take place. A city's zócalo is often surrounded by shops and you will find a flag and usually a statue in the center of the square. Cholula is a few hours drive south from Mexico City. Cholula is a very small town that happens to be near a large University frequented by many students from around the world. Quite a few US college students have learned their Spanish, and developed a taste for Tequila in Cholula.

A long running TV show, "about nothing" once had a little skit about the significance of the names parents choose for their children. I think one joke went: "With a name like Jeeves, he isn't going to grow up to be a hit man." Well I was lucky, I only had to cope with Jack, John, John Francis or assorted nicknames. I've never been what you would call svelte, so I remember the occasional pain and humiliation of the term husky. We are born confused, and we rarely recover.

I majored in Literature in college. My earliest career tracks were the construction industry (working in a factory which made roofing shingles) and as a substitute teacher in middle school. I was a Mathematics teacher, but naturally my degree was in Literature. The principal explained that my primary responsibility was to protect the equipment.

I joined the Peace Corps and spent three years as a teacher in Africa. An early indication of my future destiny as a photographer was that I didn't bring a camera, and never took a picture while in Africa. Before leaving for Africa, I had read an article which mentioned that many people in the country (The Republic of the Congo) believed that a camera would steal their soul. I made some friends during my stay, and came to realize that the article was not far from the truth.

Fortune has allowed me to come full circle and return to my earlier interest in photography. I am at that age were some weight loss would be beneficial. I certainly don't believe all photographers need to starve, but my initial goals are realistic, if not humble. The industry has changed tremendously, but the possibilities are unlimited. I am grateful that my parents' gave me a generic name. It's allowed me to explore numerous paths unhindered.

"I continue to seek exquisite beauty in my images, exploring all techniques, old and new".

My brother Tom and I have been lifelong readers, collectors and fans of comics since early childhood. I actually remember paying $ 0.05 for my new issue comics! Classic Illustrated books introduced me to some of the American and European classics. Tom owned "Comics, Legends & Lore" a comic book store in Lynn, Massachusetts during the 80's. He was active at all the trade shows and conventions. Together we hope to bring our knowledge and enthusiasm to the virtual comic world on the Internet and the blogosphere.


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